The Things We Took For Granted


Sonaiya Grant, Writer

So things have a bit strange lately for everyone and probably many people are in a bad mood , so to cheer some folks up I’ve asked people what are some things they took for granted.

  • Madison Levi (11th)- “Freedom; I wish I could go places.”
  • Urban (11) “A decent sleep schedule.
  • Sierra Cox (11) “I miss having my friends around me everyday
  • Lawren . P (11) “I actually really miss going to school”
  • Amanda (11) “ I miss going outside”

Then we have a few honorable mentions:

  • Work 
  • Toilet paper 
  • Hand sanitizer 
  • Water
  • Human interaction 
  • Earth
  • Life


Due to this time many eyes have been open about how they once lived their lives , and the freedom they once possessed. I pray that after this pandemic no one will ever think too highly of themselves or lowly of others ; may one never take kindness for granted or life itself.