Do You Think Guidance Is Important

Aya Safie, Writer/Editor

At Westside High School students have guidance which is a academic class in which students can benefit by studying, practicing for college tests, and getting extra help in classes that they are struggling in. Some students feel that this class is very helpful in letting them finish homework, study for tests, etc. While there are some students that feel its just time wasted in a class doing nothing important. In my opinion I believe this class is important and very helpful in many ways. You can be doing homework in guidance instead of being lazy and going home and not do it. Being in a class would make students do their work more efficiently and get their work done more earlier.

Having guidance is an amazing class to have for students who need extra help to succeed. For example, I struggled very much in physics last year , I felt like I had no time to understand anything in the amount of the class period. Therefore, I decided to take physics as my guidance. I was able to understand at the pace that I needed and got extra time to comprehend and understand all of the concepts. As soon as I got into guidance, I saw a drastic improvement of my grades from having the class. Knowing that it helped me, I know it will help a lot more students too. Having time at school where you are able to expand your learning or catch up with school work is something students should take advantage of use to their full benefit.

To conclude, I believe students should take this class seriously and focus on doing their work to get high grades. They have the opportunity to get more time on working on assignments. Therefore, as a compromise, Westside should limit guidance time to only twenty-five minutes than a regular class period time. Keeping our guidance is crucial to our school schedule and only helps our students within their studies. All in all, reducing the class period rather than taking it out completely can satisfy both ends of the argument and bring out pragmatic results.