Cellphones at Westside

Haadiya Meriam Al-Awady, Writer, Photographer

Using cellphones have become such a normalized and common thing to do in one’s daily life. We use our cellphones to take pictures, play games, make calls, text our friends, watch videos…basically all things you can imagine. It is indeed a device that has revolutionized the way humans live their life and function. We know that without our phones, we wouldn’t be able to do what we need to. So, here’s the question, why do schools not allow students to use their cellphones during class time? Well, it’s quite simple. Cellphones are a big distraction, especially during a lesson or lecture, it gets in the way of a student’s education. However, being a student at Westside High School, I believe they have taken this matter into the extremes.

At Westside High School, students are not allowed to use their phones in the house halls during passing periods once school has started, however, lunch is an exception. This makes it difficult for my fellow peers and I to handle our business concerning our outside life. For example, getting back to my Mom who needs to know if she will need to pick me up after school or helping someone who is in need of an emergency that has texted me or phoned me. There are many scenarios that a student can be going through, therefore, the fact that it’s prohibited to use your phone during a passing period is something to be looked into. Westside should think of the student’s sense of security and responsibility to keep in contact with their family and friends. Students have a life after school just like the school’s staff members, so using our phones for personal reasons is crucial because everyone has business to care of.

All in all, cell phones are necessary to one’s life these days. Therefore, with all being said, I have a logical solution to this problem. Westside should create a special study hall into our school schedule! For example, “Wolf Time”. Wolf Time could be dedicated to student’s where they can catch up on school work and are allowed to use their phones. If we implement this, it will reduce a student’s cell phone usage in class and increase a student’s focus during class. Not only do I think this is best for our school, but also for schools around the globe. Giving a time where student’s are able to take care of what they need to concerning their outside life is something I believe can bring out so many positive results.