Unbottle Them…

In today’s life, people tend to create distractions as a way to avoid their emotions. So much pressure to get work done on time, getting better at a sport, having a job, ect.. It’s draining and very complex. One fact is that, the older you get, the more difficult situations can be. You wont always control the circumstances, but you can control the way you feel about them.

Most people take problems up with themselves because they feel that’s the safest and more satisfying way to go about it. That was me. Finding a solution to express my emotions didn’t happen overnight, so I don’t expect it to for you either. But keeping them in a bottle is self destruction waiting to happen. The downfalls to this is stress and honestly more stress.

If your not a person that can easily talk to someone about your problems, I suggest jotting them down. A paper is surprisingly a great listener and is always available to you. See me, I’m an over thinker. When I have problems I seek for a solution in every way possible, I ask advice sometimes to get another person’s point of view and mostly I write poems. Iv’e learned that writing down the way I feel in such a skillful and artistic way, is fun and most importantly gets it off my chest.

I don’t know what problems you may be facing, It could be at home, school, or work but don’t overthink them find a way that suits you best to remove that stress of your chest.