Staff Pick: Raising Dion



Have you ever heard of the TV show called Raising Dion on Netflix?! Raising Dion is a story about a bond with a mom and her son. The TV show documents difficulties they go through as Dion is changing and growing up.

In the show there is two main characters which are Nicole , the mother and Dion, her son. Nicole is a single parent and trying to take care of her child but it is not getting any easier for her. The dad, Mark is no longer with them because he did a good deed and saved a lady from a storm which resulted in getting himself killed. Nicole is very focused on Dion and does not have time to get a job which plays a very important role in the story because she is not comfortable and could possibly get kicked out of her house.

In the show it was a normal afternoon for the family and Dion randomly figured out that he had magical powers that he did not know how to use or control.When Dion tried to share the news with his mom she did not believe him but when he showed her she could not believe her eyes. This created more stress on Nicole because she did not know what he was doing and could get himself dead. Nicole started telling her family members and friends but nobody believed her except Marks friend named Pat. As the story unfolds Nicole tries to learn more about Dion’s powers and how he got them. She finds out that Dion is not the only one and there is more like him. All the people she found had one thing in common and that was they all went to the north stars to see something special happen and Mark was one of them. Everybody’s’ powers can be taken away from the man in the storm which killed Mark and many others.As the show unfolds we learn who the man in the storm is and his capabilities, it can be someone Nicole is very close with who went to see the north stars or it can be a stranger who wants to take Dion and many other peoples life away.

This show is very interesting and suspenseful and makes the reader want to watch more and more episodes.In my opinion I would recommend this show to people who who like science fiction and drama shows .This show overall is very well written and I would recommend it to many others.