Westside tryouts for its Men’s Soccer Team


Javier Gusart, coach

HOCO Parade, 2021, soccer in the mix.

Boy Wolves! Are you interested in trying out for Westside’s Men’s Soccer Team? Monday, November 29th at 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM is the day to check with Westside’s Men’s Soccer Coach to try out if interested! The soccer team is well above interested in recruiting more players, so don’t feel shy and go on ahead to try out Boy Wolves!

More insight on what the team offers, the soccer team has many other opportunities to give. It helps you build your resume and overall high school reputation for college! The team also holds fun activities and opportunities like the “Westside Soccer Car Wash” in which bonds the team and gives overall fundraising to raise money for more equipment and other potential fun events! There is a soccer car wash event coming up Saturday, November 13th so if interested come and support Westside’s Soccer Team!

For more information on trying out and looking into the team in general, talk to the Coach Javier Gusart in Rooms L110 and L112!