Letterman Jackets, a Westside Tradition


When you leave high school you have many memories. Some are good, some are bad, but you don’t have anything physical to take with you. For seniors, this is their last year here at Westside and they put up this facade that they won’t miss this school and are ready to leave.  In reality, when they get to their dorms in college, they will look back and realize how much they miss high school. A Letterman Jacket is a physical reminder of the good times you have in high school and it’s something you can keep with you for the rest of your life.

Students who participate in varsity sports, and arts organizations like theatre, band, choir, and Pride have an opportunity to earn a jacket. If you are in one of the activities and are going to order a jacket, get it as soon as possible because they have to be ordered.  Since other high schools in Houston order from the same company, it may take a long time for you to receive your jacket and you don’t want to wait on your jacket forever.

To get your jacket you can go to the Dilly’s Letter Jackets store, or you can go to their website. The most common way students get their jackets is they order their jackets when the Dilly’s representatives come to Westside to fit and measure for your jacket. Whether you get your jacket at the store or here on campus, students have the opportunity to personalize their’s with patches that signify different organizations they have been a part of during their high school career. The basic jacket and “W” is provided to those students who have earned them by Westside.  It is possible to order your letterman online, you might not choose the right size.


It is an honor to earn a Westside letter. A letterman represents hard work, dedication, and excelling above expectations. It truly is one of the most coveted traditions in this school.