Life After Basketball


The Westside High School Girls’ Basketball Team season, unfortunately, ended in a tough game against Cypress Creek. Now that basketball season is over, students and teachers are wondering what the players are doing now. Well, they are like any other Westside student now.

During the season the team didn’t have to wait in this bad Westside traffic after school, they had to eat light during lunch because they had practice, and they didn’t have a lot of time to do their homework. Close to this time in 2020, schools were closed due to Covid-19, and in 2021 a majority of schools were virtual. The previous basketball players didn’t get the chance to experience the offseason of basketball.

In an interview with Westside junior J’Riana Moore, who plays point guard on the school’s varsity team, announced that “Everyone is sad we lost and that we will miss our seniors but we are still a pretty young team and we can’t wait to start the new season next year.” As this year continues the Westside High School Girls’ Basketball Team will do the work they need to do in their offseason to be prepared for next year.

It’s been 2 months now, and the girl’s basketball team has officially started their offseason. They are doing different drills to work on the offense and defense for next year so they meet their goal of having over 20 wins as a team. They are also working on their team chemistry, to make sure everybody is in sync with each other next year and they will be using their summer workouts to help prepare the incoming freshman for next year. Westside is ready to see what these girls can do and the girl’s basketball team can’t wait to show them.