Water Polo Senior Farewell


As the school year reaches the home stretch, it brings around the end to a number of things, including the end of the water polo season. On Wednesday, April 13, at 5pm, the  Westside Water Polo team will be hosting it’s Black and Blue game in the natatorium, which serves as the final game of the season as well as the senior farewell. Boys and Girls will be mixed in the game, separated into the black and blue teams, with 16 players on each. Instead of the typical 6 minute quarters, the quarters will be 10 minutes long, allowing for all the players to get a lot of playing time.

This season had a lot of seniors, 9 on the boys team and 7 on the girls.  After the game, there will be a ceremony where seniors will be called up and given specialized Westside towels in acknowledgment of their hard work over the years. It will surely be an emotional event, considering that most of the players have been a part of the team since freshman year. Other than recognition of the departing players, the game is also being held to end the season on a good note. All in all, it was a good season, despite many of the players (and coach) suffering from injuries, but the Wolves were able to keep it together and put a few wins under their belt. This game will serve as a reminder of how fun the sport is,  and one final memory of the team that made up the 2022 season.