Key Club Book Drive


Hiba Safie, Writer

Key Club is now hosting a book drive! The Westside Key Club are collaborating with Books Between Kids to help students get access to education and have the freedom to read books. Students can donate pre-loved books or books they do not want any more. Books can be donated to N1, E1, and the main office. You do not have to be in Key Club to donate books and everybody is welcome to donate if they can. The book drive will take place for the rest of April and until announced.

If you are in Key Club, every 2 books will be counted as an hour. Books are critical for students not only for education but is a source of freedom that students can explore. The range of books are endless and no books will be turned away. The books given will be donated to students in need.

Books are critical for ones creativity, development, education and many more. Make sure to collect all your books that are lying around and unused and give it to someone in need. Do not miss out on this opportunity to help!