See it and Report it!


“The Say Something Anonymous Reporting System” allows our community to report incidents undisclosed if you feel unsafe or feel another student’s safety is at risk. Regardless of who receives your message, they will never see your name as it is sent anonymously.

This program keeps our school safe by reporting violent, suicidal, cutting, drug use, and other potentially harmful behaviors. Furthermore, students are taught how to identify the indications and signals of individuals who may be in danger.

When you submit an anonymous report, law enforcement will immediately begin an investigation. Individuals in danger are helped before anything unfortunate happens.

Westside students were spotted using water guns in the parking lot before the spring break on March 14 to 18. As soon as they were caught, they panicked and tried to hide in their cars, but failed. They agreed not to use them again when the police guards warned them. However, after a few seconds, when the police were not around, students nearby claimed to have seen them continue spraying each other with it anyway.

Principal Keri Wittpenn delivered the message to students on Friday, April 1st, warning students not to bring anything they shouldn’t since there would be consequences, and that if something raised a red flag, they should report it.

Due to that minor incident, anything could have gone wrong that day. What if the guards didn’t recognize what they were using and mistook it for the real thing? School police officers have the right to use deadly force if they feel intimidated or if other people’s lives are at risk. HISD has a “zero tolerance” policy for student conduct that disrupts teaching or poses a safety risk on HISD property. According to the student conduct policy, “Level V: Acts of misconduct that may result in expulsion include, but are not limited to assault, possession of weapons, drug distribution, and other criminal offenses.” Therefore, please do not bring anything illegal to school that could get you in trouble.

More information about the Say Something Anonymus Reporting System can be found at the bottom of Westside’s website homepage. Students can also submit reports at to help keep our school safe.