Boy’s Varsity Soccer Bi-District Game

Boys  Varsity Soccer Bi-District Game

As all great things must come to an end, as they always say, the boy’s varsity soccer season has been concluded with the team’s best efforts to display their work ethic through hard work, sophistication, and leadership. On Friday, March 25, the boy’s soccer varsity team had their first bi-district game as they made it to the playoffs. Many students and parents went to support the boys at Cy Creek High School at 7 pm.

The game’s final score was 2-0 as a defeat because they always show differently with how they play the game, no matter how difficult it may get. The 2022 season has carried a positive attitude for the team, and Coach Ospina has always pushed them to their best capability. Every game, they set their hearts out and play a fierce competition. They have continued to improve their skills with respect, communication, and support for one another on the field, and they have gone far in the season.

They finished with a demonstration. 5-2-2 league and it has been a good one. Thank you for all the supporters and the boy’s soccer passion for the sport with endless opportunities. Until the next season!