Show Your Westside Spirit at Football Games!

Maryam Hamidaddin, Junior, Wearing Tacky Tourist                                      Photo by: Kiana Kamali

Football season and school spirit have made a welcome return to campus. With the student body back in full force, everyone can now come to games and participate in motivating the players and showing their school spirit. As  Westside Athletic teams have returned, so has school spirit. To get involved, students can produce different outfits to go along with the fun themes of the week. School spirit can represent more than showing support to the football players but it can also include spirit for the school itself and the community. Not just for students, teachers and staff can show their spirit in a powerful and influential way.

Westside Cheer  has taken the lead on this activity. They created different themes of dress wear in relation to the games of the week and to build support for all our football season. For what purpose? Students are excited about being back and having that full school experience. Showing school spirit is all part of it. Themes include: Tacky Tourist Day, Mathlete vs Athlete, Black Out, Pink Out, Sports Gear, and Neon Class Colors. Tacky Tourist Day was set for our crosstown rivals at Bellaire High School. Our Wolves dominated that game with a final score Westside 42 , Bellaire 16.

  • Mathlete vs Athlete is this Saturday, October 2 at the Delmar Stadium with Westside playing against Chavez.
  • Black out is on Friday, October 15 with Westside playing against Heights at the Delmar Stadium.
  • Pink Out is on Friday, October 22 with Westside playing against Lamar at the Delmar Stadium.
  • Sports Gear on Thursday, October 28 with Westside playing against Sam Houston at the Delmar Stadium.
  • Lastly, Neon Class Colors is on Friday, November 5 with Westside playing against Westbury at the Delmar Stadium.

    Photo By: Hiba Safie

Junior Alejandra Duarte, a member of the Wolfband explains, “For over a year and a half, there has not been any football games and the school spirit has diminished at school. With themes for the games, students can get excited and optimistic about school and show support for the school. It’s a fun way going back into school that many students have not felt for a very long time.” Students can not only wear their school representation to the football games, but they can also wear their unique themed clothing to school on the days of the game. Fellow classmates can see the varying outfits following the theme and be immersed in the school spirit first hand. Although there are no prizes for the students who are dressed according to the themes, they can aid in the prize of contributing to the games and showing their support to the football team during both their times at school and at the games.

This is an exciting time for Westside High School and all students are welcome to attend the games and show their school spirit. See you there at all of the games and all of your cool clothing! Go Wolves!