Staff Pick: The New Era of Music

Photo Taken by Mr.Hicks Oscar Portillo, Alejandra Duarte, Sara Moayedi, Alejandra Salisrosas, Nicko Betonio, Nicole Ventura

As society as evolved, so has the music industry and what people are listening to. The Internet and social media has redefined music in a significant way that has never been done before. In the past, musicians and artists used to have to go in-person and perform their music and in times there would only be a couple of people in the crowd. However, all of that has changed with the help of social media. Artists are using social media and various music platforms to reach an audience and hook people into their music. There are limitless options and opportunities now for artists that were never possible before.

Walking around the halls, people are listening to music whether it be on a loud speaker or using their headphones. Everybody has developed a music taste and likes specific unique music that may vary from person to person. Before, people used to follow trends and listen to what others are listening to but now teenagers are choosing what they want to listen to compared to what society wants to listen to. One of the biggest changes that has contributed to this is social media. Social media has allowed new and upcoming artists to shine and aid in their music growing and reaching more people. There are many artists that’s success has grown due to social media such as Doja Cat, Justin¬†Bieber, and many more.

Designed by: Hiba Safie

Many students at Westside are clear images of how music has evolved and expanded. A junior, Paulina Parra explains, ” I used to listen to more known artists and the people who were more popular at the time. Over the past few years and during quarantine, I began to listen to artists that we more underground and would listen to them via streaming platforms. I think if social media wasn’t a thing, I would have never heard of them and would have never gave them a listen.” Another junior, Sara Moayedi explains, “My father always tells me stories of how he would listen to music and the journey that he would take just to get a single song. He would listen to music on record player and would purchase song by song. When technology started to evolve, it was life changing and without it, life wouldn’t be the same. I think that the way that music has evolved has not only helped who is making music but also to who is listening to music.”¬†

With the help of social media, music has grown substantially and will continue to grow at a more fast paced rate. The effects of social media on the younger generation will be present throughout their life time and on future generations. Many good things have resulted from music including the students at Westside!