Staff Pick: “Scream” Movie Review

I’m sure you’re all familiar with the “Scream” franchise and the infamous ghostface mask, but have you seen the newest addition to the series? The fifth “Scream” movie, simply titled “Scream,” was an amazing continuation of this popular movie series, and if you’re into horror movies I think you’ll agree.

The film takes place 25 years after the previous killings in Woodsboro,┬áCalifornia. It begins with one of the main characters, Tara, minding her business in her own home until she has the first encounter with the Killer. The story then begins to unfold. You are told of the murders of several other characters and the motives behind them. You are also a part of the most important part of the movie, finding out who exactly is “the Killer.” This helps make the story more interesting as you feel like you’re experiencing it too. More and more of the previous stories begin to make their cameos as pieces of past stories come into play to give more context to the film, making it deeper than it might initially appear.

Scream 5 was a great movie full of unexpected twists and an ending that may or may not surprise you. I suggest you go and see for yourself. But one last question, are YOU the killer?