The return of Westside’s theatrical productions: TPRO presents Doublewide Texas


Madison Cofer

Amelia Knowles, the Props Master for Doublewide Texas, on the set of the play.

Westside’s Theatre Production Company or TPRO has begun their season of theatrical performances for the 2021-2022 school year. They started it with their highly anticipated show of  Doublewide Texas, which was performed in the mini theater on October 21st, October 22nd, and October 23rd. The play follows the lives of residents in one of the smallest trailer parks in Texas as their land is debated for annexation by the nearby town of Tugaloo. It observes Joveeta Crumpler and her seemingly unique and intricate family and their community of friends and enemies as they unite to combat this issue together.

Ella Sparks, a senior at Westside, states during the intermission period, “Norwayne ‘Baby’ Crumpler has to be my favorite character from the show so far!” Norwayne “Baby” Crumpler is Joveeta’s brother who strongly pursues his involvement in a beauty pageant. She elaborates on how the actor for Baby Crumpler, Duane Oliver or DJ, was amazing in creating that comedic atmosphere in this role. She looks forward to this season of shows and enjoyed the entirety of Doublewide Texas.

Hamza Abdallah, a junior at Westside, had also favored DJ’s “Baby” Crumpler in the play. He also enjoyed Sarah Catland’s hilarious performance as Haywood Sloggett, the grumbler neighbor to the residents of the trailer park who complains of their “trailer-trash” lifestyle. He comments on how this start to TPRO has been wonderful and how there were not many big changes to their return or ease back into normalcy.

Ms. Stephanie Lockard, a financial clerk at Westside, comments how her favorite character was Caprice Crumpler, played by Faith Olabanji, who she states as, “fun, dynamic, and engaging.” She exclaims that she would also be coming to every performance of Doublewide Texas as well.

Similarly to the values of unity and community that is entwined to the themes of the play, the audience reciprocated and embodied this as well. After following the pandemic and pausing the ongoing of the performing arts, this play is significant to strengthening the community once again in which has been dislodged through isolation. Westside’s Director of Theatre, Ms. Cramer, comments on how being able to do theatrical productions to a live audience reminds us of that human connection that has been deprived from us for so long. She also elaborates on how the theatre and its cast and crew members has built a family and are thrilled to being able to put on shows once again.

Doublewide Texas is a comedic and heart-warming play that exemplifies what is needed right now in the world more than ever: social interaction and being immersed in the community. Westside’s incredibly talented cast and crew that make up TPRO had a successful run of Doublewide Texas. So follow Westside’s TPRO and their line of upcoming shows as their season of productions re-opens. You will be able to engage in the connections that we have been so divested of and to “laugh your bleeps off!” as Ms. Cramer said or simply being able to connect with others once again.

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