Senior Quotes, class of 2022


S Roberts

Class of 2020 seionr portraits and quotes.

Every year Westside seniors have the privilege of submitting a quote to appear under their senior picture in the Canidae yearbook. This is only available to seniors and it is a tradition that connects every graduating class. It doesn’t take to  much time to complete the form once you figure out your quote. Some quotes are funny, some are inspirational, some are just a favorite memory that the senior wants to memorialize in the book. Your quote can be a line from your favorite song, a catchphrase that you use all the time, or something meaningful to you.

But what if I didn’t take a yearbook portrait? Submit a quote anyway. We may be able to use your quote in the book in another location. There are lots of pages in the 2022 yearbook featuring seniors. Turn it in, and we will do our best to include your memory in your senior yearbook.

Please remember that all quotes will be reviewed by the yearbook committee and quotes deemed inappropriate will not be published, so please try to use grown-up judgment when selecting a quote that is going to be under your senior portrait for all time.

How to submit your quote:

  • Fill out a Senior Quote sheet –
    • Quote sheets are available in room A216.
    • Quote sheets include:  Your name, ID #, Dean, and your quote.
      • Quotes are limited to 140 characters. This includes all letters, spaces, punctuations
      • Quotes may be original, or a selected published statement. If you are not the original writer of the quote you submit, you need to include the author.
      • Acceptable/Unacceptable Requirements:
        • Traditional quotes, bible verses, well known authors, etc. make great quotes
        • Profane and derogatory statements will not be accepted
        • No hashtags or web addresses will be accepted
        • Beware of innuend0s and inside jokes
  • Turn in Senior Quotes to A216
    • If you turn in your quote sheet, but you change your mind, fill out another sheet, and turn it in. Make sure you indicate that the new one is the one you want.

All quotes will be submitted on the required Senior Quote form.

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Roberts, [email protected] or on TEAMS

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