Upcoming Tests ( Registration Process)


The First Step Towards Greatness

When you first log into the site or college board you are greeted by a regular sign up / log in. After you sign up (log in) you select what you need whether it’s your scores or a practice program but for us were going to select the SAT. You are then brought to a screen that will summarize the process in a simple and general sense.  Which will be listed below (this information is directly from the college board website)


Getting Started
Get ComfyComfy Chair, Wooden, Fabric, Pattern, Indoor, 3D
Registration will take approximately 30 to 40 minutes
Check for Essay Correcting, Proof, Paper, Correction, Correct, Mistake
Some college applications require that you take the essay – be sure to check with your colleges first


Find a Valid Photo Adult, Camera, Enjoyment, Focus, Girl, Iphone, People

Upload a photo for your test admission ticket
More Info…



Have Payment Ready Ecommerce, Selling Online, Online Sales, E-Commerce

Credit Card, PayPal, or Fee Waiver are accepted

More Info…
Complete all and Create Your Student Profile

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Share Your StoryBoard, School, Dreams, Make, Do, Tackle
You’ll be asked to answer questions about your high school classes, plans for college, parent(s)/guardian(s) details and more in the Create Student Profile section of the registration.
Connect to Colleges & Scholarships

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Answering these questions helps colleges and scholarship programs find you. Schools and programs send you information about themselves so you can see if they fit your plans.

After all of this is completed you will get an email about how your registration is complete. Also, I forgot to mention this, in the beginning, you can select your testing date and while you wait you can also get the practice you need before you take the test! I wish you the best and happy testing season!