Speaking of French Club?


Have you been looking for a club that is very unique and different? Well knowing the Westside High School clubs are well varied, people always tend to not have the right one for them. Well, the french club has many opportunities and great experiences to help further interests. There is a great amount of people with different ethnic backgrounds in this club, as well as it caters to all students needs.

The french club is sponsored and lead by Westside language teacher, Mr. Alexander. “People should come and sign up for french club!” french club member Halima exclaimed. The french club also helps influence you to learn the language and especially the french culture. Sign Ups are available as long as you inform Mr. Alexander.

Also, being in the club, you get exposed to club/class trips out the country, french music, games and etc. This year, the trip is to france, ironically, but on Friday of 9/20, the french trip for club/class signup is available.

You should sign up for french club if nothing comes to mind and also for the fun of being part of a culture you’ve either been in or never been before. Again, sign ups for this club are available as long as you inform Mr. Alexander.  Halima added, “Being in this club changed my perspective on the french culture and its fun overall.” .

Personally, this writer, wants you to know, being in french club is very fun and impactful because it kind of impacts my culture. If you are in need of a club or have nothing in mind, join the french club for a great experience!