Naomi Carrasco, A Promising Young Woman



Naomi Carrasco

Fourth year Pro Theatre (T-Pro) member, Naomi Carrasco stole hearts in her role as the well-meaning airhead Courtney in Westside’s 2019 production of John Lennon & Me. While she hasn’t starred in anything since, she’s been cast in Murder On The Orient Express in which will be performed in May.

In the meantime, she’s been making movies!

Without giving away the plot, her latest endeavor can be described as: “…sort of a kitschy horror, not too serious and scary but a little dark and fun.” 

Naomi’s infatuation with filmmaking has existed since infancy; “I’ve been into film my whole life, I’ve always had cameras with me ever since I was little. I read a lot as a kid too, so I think the combination of this made me fall in love with storytelling.” She cites Wes Anderson as her Film Making Idol and says Fantastic Mr.  Fox was the first movie she remembers seeing in theaters.

I approached Naomi about writing this article under the assumption that this was her first ever film, but in actuality, Naomi has been creating films for years now. 

Minor obstacles she has encountered in the process include scheduling conflicts, even though her friends star in most of her productions. Major obstacles that appear in and after the fact is the very rife and futile strive for perfection: “No! I’ve done a lot, but I just don’t like to post them anywhere…They never turn out the way I like them.”  

On how she’s been overcoming this detrimental perfectionism: “I just like to remind myself that perfection is something that you earn over time, and that you have to develop as an artist first.”