Hosting An Exchange Student From France


Savannah Adamson with exchange students from France.

Have you ever considered about housing a student from a different country? Students are able to host an exchange students from France during the fall semester, from October 18- October 28. For ten days, students from France earn an experience of living in an American household. Once an exchange student is paired with a host, together they will spend time doing many activities popular in Houston, even coming to participate at Westside!

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The process of a host pairing with a student is not randomly chosen. The host will be given a student that has similar   appearance, interests and age. The exchange students are able to understand and speak English very well, ensuring that communication wouldn’t we an ordeal to the host family. Both the host and exchange student go on many trips in Texas. A past host, Savannah Adamson explains,”As a class, the French students embarked on many day trips, like going to Austin, Galveston, NASA, the Rodeo, and a lot of them attended the Westside Homecoming Dance.”

Hosting an exchange student is very educational and pleasurable for the students from France, since they gain a valuable experience of American culture. Hosts give this ability to these students, they are able to partake in all the events and create a strong bond with an exchange student. Hosts can also travel to France to become an exchange student from America. Every partner will have plenty of enjoyable moments together and learn many new things about each other cultures. Students come become a host to be a part of a memorable experience!