Course selection takes a turn


As Westside prepares to end the 2019-2020 school year, The deans have been meeting with students virtually to decide what courses students will be taking for the 2020-2021 academic school year. This year, however, has been very different as school is not in session physically, students cannot meet with their deans in their offices. The virtual meetings have definitely been a struggle for many students as well as for the deans.

It has taken a lot longer. Usually, I print out a transcript for each kid and check off what they have done, and look at what they need to take and I take five to ten minutes to discuss the courses with each student. Now, I have to schedule a meeting, type everything up, wait for them to show up, and it just takes a lot longer.”

— Dean Matlock

The struggle of course selection has been seen through both sides of the computer. For deans, making sure they have time out of their regularly scheduled meetings to have student meetings has been a great challenge for some. For students, making sure they have time whether it between classes, school work, or even work. There have been many technical challenges as well, but the biggest issue may be finding the time to get it done.

The biggest struggle in this virtual course selection has been finding the time to get it done. I have to schedule over 200 individual meetings”

— Dean Matlock