College Board Updates about Online AP Exams

Due to the COVID-19, a question everybody is asking is, what about AP Exams? During school, AP exams are usually in the month of May but due to the pandemic, the College Board had to find a new way for students to be tested and get accurate test results.

In order to keep students safe, the College Board decided that the AP exams will be taken online. Students can use their school laptops or any preferred device to take the exam. Students will be able to take the test as usual with many new ways to take the test and study. Students can take their tests from May 11 to May 22. This year the college board exams will take 45 minutes compared to 2-3 hours the test usually takes in the previous years. The tests cover about 75% of the full AP course.

The College board has different exams that require different ways in order to submit work and exams. Exams such as art and design, computer science principles, drawing research, and the seminar will be able to submit their exam/work by portfolio submission. The deadline for these exams will be May 26, 2020. For the world language exam, students will take two spoken tasks and a written response will not be required for this year’s exam. Teachers will control the AP exam review and will be able to ensure that students will get the preparation in order to exceed in the exams.

The tests should be easier and allow students to be less stressed about the AP exams. Although the exams may be a while away they will be here before you know it, which is why you should begin studying and having the right mindset to overcome the exams. Good luck to all students and we hope you will do great!