COVID-19 is rescuing American families


COVID 19 is bringing families closer together. credited to: pixabay

Aidan Vu, Editor, Writer & Photographer

Family Game Night
credited to: pixabay

The time to spend with your families has become plentiful for many in the event of COVID-19, in which used to be rare and a burdensome to earn. It is the start for many parents and kids to be under the same roof at all times. This forces families to be together, allowing one another to deepen their relationships towards their parents or siblings, especially going through this hardship.

Americans only spend 34 to 37 minutes of enjoyable, quality family time on weekdays according to a study commissioned by “Visit Anaheim.” As families are with each other almost always in quarantine, they are doing more activities together, such as exercising outdoors, playing sports, binge watching movies, hosting game nights, experiencing new activities, and so many other things.  Nhien Nguyen, a parent of three kids in HISD, states, “This isolation has brought my family closer than ever to it has ever been. School, work, and technology has caused a drift or gap in our relationships. It strengthens my understandings towards my kids and I discovered so many traits in them just in a month of quarantine.”

COVID-19 is bringing light to many students who feel like life has become tedious. A freshman at Westside, Karley Rae McCommas, adds,” This quarantine thing has made living very boring and repetitive. It is the same cycle over and over, until my family started playing board games in the evening. It brings me excitement and joy whenever we do this, I always look forward to it. I believe I grow stronger with my family everyday just because of a single activity.” COVID-19 is saving and reviving the relationships of families in America as it forces us to spend time together.