COVID-19: The Pandemic of the 2020s’


Yasmeen Ammourah, Writer/Editor

The beginning of this decade has been eventful from every perspective you find. From whether it be because of the Primaries or the miscellaneous Military events from distancing countries, we have dealt with lots of news and current events from this year but the new generation is experiencing what others have never dealt with in the past 100 years.

With countries all over the world going into lock down, CDC has declared the virus an official pandemic and with that comes new protocols for schools and work companies. There have been many inconveniences considering that the United States has the most amount of cases of COVID-19 so far, there have been many claims that America has been severely unprepared since the contagious virus was first announced. From the beginning of the outbreak, Donald Trump made the mistake of not taking the virus as seriously as South Korea and China did the minute it hit the United States.

With COVID-19 in every state so far, not every state has issued a stay-home order. This has caused tension with medical professionals because of the need of social distancing. While this being one of the worst pandemics of the century, the world seems to feel distress as there is a limit of specific items. Lately there has been a major shortage in toilet paper, medical face masks, and diapers all over stores because of the pandemic which leads for the people of America to worry for more than just the virus.

This issue created a new perspective for this generation and for a new standard for people all over the World.