Is Free Dress An Option?


Andrew Doan, Writer

Westside hasn’t had free dress in almost 5 years. Students would love to express their creativity and be allowed to dress how they feel during school and would do anything to get the chance to get free dress back. Whether the reason is for safety or for past students’ actions, it’s preventing students from being who they want to be. Free dress should definitely be given back to students.

Students are obligated to wear the assigned uniforms every day with the exception of spirit shirts. And of course, students wouldn’t choose to wear the uniform if they didn’t have to. It helps the students feel free, comfortable and allows them to be themself. Personally, I don’t know what happened in 2015 where we lost free dress, but that was all in the past. This is a whole new set of students at Westside and the students deserve another chance.

I decided to investigate some speculations of why we don’t have free dress and asked some students.
“We probably don’t have free dress because there may be people that took it too far. Like teachers who complained because they saw too much skin or maybe they just want safety.” (Diana Navarro, Senior at Westside High School)

According to this quote, if the first part is true, then why we have uniforms isn’t our fault. We shouldn’t be held accountable for the actions of those 5 years ago.

I think the students should be able to have free dress once again. It helps spread creativity and lets students show who they really are. We have IDs already to confirm identification, and the uniform doesn’t make it any better since anyone can purchase it. Free dress is a fan favorite option among every student in the school. There’s no harm in allowing students to enter a test run, so that we can see how the students will treat free dress.