Phil Mickelson college scandal

Phil Mickelson's Response To College Scandal Accusations

Phil Mickelson’s Response To College Scandal Accusations

Lazy News March 14, 2019

Ethan Doan, Writer

As famous actress Lori Loughlin and Olivia Jade Giannulli have blown up in current events in relation to a college scandal accusation, there is no denying that other famous celebrities will be looked into following the trending event. There tends to be a pattern within scandals and other discoveries of celebrities as the media and experts dive deeper into finding the truth. Phil Mickelson, professional Golf player, has also been accused of participating in a college scandal. Mickelson was accused of illegally getting his children into college. The entire scandal is revolved around Mickelson’s association and relationship with Rick Singer. a “Mastermind of College Admissions”.  According to Mickelson, he stated that, “Our family, along with thousands of others, used Rick Singer’s company to guide us through the college admission process. We are shocked by the revelations of these events. Obviously, we were not part of this fraud, our kids would disown us if we ever tried to interfere.” Mickelson is denying all these accusations and it would not be a good look for one of the best golf players to have ever played the sport. So, the question that arises from this whole situation is that, “How do others feel about other celebrities being targets of college scandals spawning from the Lori Loughlin and Olivia Jade ordeal?” I have asked around Westside High School about what students think about the question.

Senior, Caleb Jackson, was asked the question and he replied with, “I believe it must be nerve wracking to be a celebrity right now because every aspect of your life is being researched for anything negative to be used against you. The Lori Loughlin and Olivia Jade situation has created this new ‘hunt’ for other famous celebrities that have done wrong in the college admissions process. And these celebrities know if they have done wrong or not; it is just a matter of time until the next big celebrity is found guilty.”

Senior, Shelbie LeBlanc, was asked the question and she replied with, “The whole situation is ridiculous. Of course, if you did something wrong, you will eventually get caught, especially if you are a famous person! There are people whose job is to literally find dirt on your name and spit it out into the media. Nobody is safe, and I will not be surprised if somebody ‘big’ is also caught in a scandal. You and your children know if you are able to go to a certain college or not; paying your way in should not be an option just to ‘hold your name up on a prestigious level’. It is so dumb.”

Sophomore, Andrew Doan, was asked the question and he replied with, “Every celebrity should keep their guard up. It is not safe right now in the social media and media world for them. The Phil Mickelson accusations just serves as an example for what is about to happen, guilty or not.”

All three of these individuals interviewed agree with the fact that other celebrities are going to be targeted and that they should watch out. They all knew about the Loughlin and Jade situation but have not heard about the Mickelson situation so with that, they saw a pattern forming in the world right now as all celebrities are going to be looked into, trying to find something along the lines of the original college scandal situation.