The Power Grid


The world as we have known it has been running on fossil fuels since the industrial revolution in the 1800s, to suddenly shift over to Nuclear power would be a drastic change, but is it worth it? Yes and no, many benefits can be gained from shifting over into nuclear energy. Not only will it reduce the number of greenhouse gases produced, but it will also increase the amount of energy produced in retrospect to natural gases and coal. The problems however associated with it are not to be cast aside though. Nuclear power while a much, much, better source of energy compared to natural gas is also a lot more expensive to produce. This is due to the exuberant costs of building and manufacturing nuclear power plants, which can range from around 6 billion dollars to an average of 9 billion. Hence why there are so few power plants within America. Furthermore, public opinion has not been great as of late regarding nuclear energy.

Furthermore, public opinion of nuclear power has not been great as of late. Chernobyl, for example, is a reason a lot of people attribute the expanse of Nuclear power to fear. A disaster that occurred over 30 years ago paved the road to nuclear power as a grim and dark form of energy whose harm far outweighed its benefits. However, since then technology has drastically improved to allow for far better-controlled environments and a safer failsafe in the very unlikely case that something does go wrong. So the question you have to ask yourself, is it feasible, should the US really switch over with what’s happened in the past? I believe they should. There are a lot more options for energy power within the United States, the use of Nuclear power could pave the way to a greener United States, not only will the US be able to drastically reduce their emissions they would also be able to produce a state of art technology surrounding these power plants with increased funding. Imagine the possibilities available to us with the new forms of technology, who knows maybe one day we’ll even have nuclear-powered batteries that support our nuclear-powered phones, but if we don’t start the future won’t be able to take hold.

However, I believe the expanse of nuclear power to be a welcome one. Chernobyl was a disaster that happened over 30 years ago but it was a bad start to nuclear power, the technology back then was not capable of withstanding a nuclear reactor. I think should an expanse of nuclear power take place within the U.S. I would welcome it with open arms, of course to the point where I believe that safety is always prioritized above all. I mean think about, what do we have to lose when switching over to nuclear power when the only thing that has been holding us back is a disaster that occurred over 30 years ago. But all in all, I am hopeful for the future, assuming we end up making the right choices.