Did Netflix change the future of film forever?


Anyone and everyone is talking about the new Netflix Original film “Bandersnatch”. This is the first interactive film that has gained such a positive response from its viewers. What does an interactive film mean exactly? It means that you, the viewer have the ability to choose what happens and how the story plays out til the end. For example “Bandersnatch” allows you to choose between one of two choices that will pop up at random moments as the film progresses.

“Bandersnatch” follows a young man named Stefan Butler as he follows his dream to work for the great video game creator Colin Ritman by helping him create new games, including his first underdeveloped game called “Bandersnatch” which is based on a book that has many different endings by each choice you make while reading by the author named Jerome F. Davies who apparently felt that he was not in control of his life and ended up killing his family.

Stefan starts to feel the same way, as if people are controlling his every move, and the film is like a big metaphor because the character feels the same way as the author who killed his family felt. The film has five alternate endings which you could play to watch and each ending is shown based off of each choice you make when they pop up on your screen. This film truly is the future of the movie industry, imagine being able to choose how each film you watch ends, because that opens up such a big role for the users and you could talk to your friends about your ending that you chose and what you did when you yourself watched.