Young Hustler on Campus


Bailee Jackson

Young hustlers hustlin'.

Sneaker Summitt

When we think of business, we think of grown men and women in suits, but here at this school we have our very own future tycoon. A junior at Westside High School says nothing is stopping him from his business aspirations, “I would call myself a business man” This young entrepreneur (who would like to remain anonymous), started up a shoe business a year ago after being “broke” for too long. “I needed quick money, so I just decided to sell my shoes. I mainly sell Jordan’s and Nikes.” He makes about 100 dollars a month! Since he’s started up his business a year ago he’s made approximately 1200 dollars! “I just get on shoe group chats on Facebook. Talking to people who are looking for some good shoes.” It’s that easy people.

I was curious as to know why more teenagers aren’t making bank, so I asked students around campus and received similar answers,

“My Mom gives me money.”

“I couldn’t handle school and a business.”

However, my anonymous source says he has no trouble working both. “They don’t really interfere with each other, I’ve got time.” Not only does he have plenty of time for both, but he is already thinking of expanding his business,”Yeah, I’d like to put up a website of my own so I could sell more shoes, reach more people.” and his dreams may be possible. Teenage business owners are beginning to sweep the nation, thousands of kids have begun their own business. For instance, Noa Mintz, a 16 year old who began running art classes for younger kids, George Matus, 18 years old sells commercial drones, and 11 year old Mikaila Ulmer runs the business Me and the Bees Lemonade where she sells lemonade that uses flax seed and local honey. Although our very own Westside buisness man isn’t on the Fortune 5oo list, yet, the cards are in his favor.