School Gimmick Pages


Shekinah Abolo, Writer

Student run Instagram pages dedicated to things like campus gossip or confessionals are relatively common for Schools, however, Gimmick Pages are a new phenomena, becoming a nationwide trend. The themes range from Shoes, Eating, and Big Foreheads; Anything goes!

For Westside, it all started with @whsbadstudentparking. The name is self explanatory: Students send in pictures of their peers’ egregious parking to be ridiculed by all. It is currently the WHS Gimmick Page with the most followers (468). That title belonged to @whsschlumped  prior to their deletion before reaching 1k. Sleeping pages are the most popular kind of these accounts; Students take and submit. pictures of their classmates asleep in class. That might sound like a huge invasion of privacy, but rest assured that most photos are submitted by friends of the subject, and they can be taken down any time if someone expresses discomfort.

However, students at large love these pages; They even stage pictures of them sleeping in outlandish position to get posted! Many copycat accounts have attempted to rival whsschlump’s popularity, but none have come close. Gimmick accounts are still very popular, here in January of 2022, and more and more pop up every other week.