Senior Skate Night

Roller skates under the lights of the roller disco.

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Roller skates under the lights of the roller disco.

As the senior spring countdown is happening and many upcoming events are in the making, the next event right up is senior skate night. It is a fun, memorable night spent skating away with friends and music, and most importantly, it is one of Westside High School’s significant traditions.

Senior skate night will be on March 9 from 7 pm to 9 pm at the Dairy Ashford Roller Rink, and only seniors enrolled at Westside High School are allowed to buy the tickets to go. Students must purchase the tickets if they are interested in going, and they will be on sale from the beginning of lunch on February 28 to March 8. There are only a limited number of tickets, and they are only pre-sale, so seniors can’t buy any at the event the day of.

It will be a night to remember with possible races that get everyone geared up and a great time with friends. Save the date and buy your tickets!