Recruitment for Westside High School’s Howler Newspaper


Madison Cofer

Howler Newspaper’s Aidan Vu interviewing junior Hamza Abdallah for his news article.

Westside High School’s Howler Newspaper is recruiting staff members for the 2022-2023 school year. The process of course selections is nearing for the next school year and the Howler Newspaper team encourages you to join!

There is an endless stream of stories that are untold or unaware of in not only this school community level, but on city and state scales. As a member of the Howler Newspaper, you will have the ability to not only tell these stories of Westside High School but voicing city, state, and national issues connected to the school, showcasing student athletes, highlighting your favorite artists or movies to the student body, and countless other topics.

In the Howler Newspaper, you will certainly expand your understanding and ability of reporting, storytelling, and the production of newspaper. Students will also become critical viewers and have opportunities in writing, photography, editing, expressive copy and design, and the publishing of stories relating to and relevant to the Westside community. In addition, the organization is based on active participation and cooperation amongst one another to facilitate stories and ideas, contributing photography and stories on a weekly schedule.

The Howler Newspaper is a live online website and is ultimately ran by the student staff with guidance from its instructor, Ms. Roberts. You will have access to school owned equipment, including camera and computer tools, and the ability to publish stories on the Howler News SNO website as well. This course will be held during fifth period.

You can view the newspaper at So share your opinions and become a voice, whether it is to praise, criticize, persuade, or inform, for others and gain experience with hands-on journalism with other students at Westside High School!

Please contact the Howler Newspaper’s instructor Ms. Roberts at [email protected] or in Room A216 at Westside High School or the Howler Newspaper’s Editor-In-Chief Aidan Vu at [email protected] for any questions.