SAT Testing Requirements for Texas Colleges


The ongoing pandemic of COVID-19 has affected lives across the state of Texas. But what about the future of our children? Incoming seniors in high school are looking to apply for colleges this school year, and the majority of the colleges have changed their requirements due to the conditions of the pandemic.

The requirements range from a difference in GPA requirements, as well as needing SAT scores. Most colleges are allowing to have lower GPA scores since most high schools had to be canceled towards the end of the year, thus reverting the sessions to online classes. These online classes prevented students from communicating with their teachers, in order to help improve their grades. SAT requirements are also being canceled due to the fact that most students couldn’t take the SAT out of school. This is due to the need for social distancing, and at testing facilities, there’s no way to efficiently give thousands of students the exam.

The following information on each college has been found on their own respective websites:
The University of Houston is now SAT optional for applicants up to the summer of 2022.

Texas A&M University is now SAT optional for applicants up to the fall of 2021.

The University of Texas at Austin is now SAT optional for applicants up to the fall of 2021.

I asked a student who is planning to apply to Texas A&M University on their position and their choices regarding the test changes:
“I’m going to take the SAT provided by westside on October 27th, but I’m also in the top 6% of my class, so I have auto admission. I’m mainly doing the SAT for scholarship opportunities.” (Sophia Sharafati, senior at Westside High School and future Texas A&M applicant)

If you’re planning to apply to a Texas college, remember to check to see if their other requirements have changed due to COVID-19. Also, talk to your school college counselor or dean to make sure you take the right steps in order to a smooth transition to college. Also, speak with your college counselor on advice on whether or not to take the upcoming SAT/PSAT on October 27th/29th for scholarship opportunities or more practice for the SAT.