Overtime !

Girls Basketball at Westside is a very popular sport around the school. The talent of the ladies who participated in the program were phenomenal. Over the years they have left a mark on the school and high standards for the upcoming ladies to follow. The best part about it is the leadership you inhabit,which can also play a huge role in your future life. It takes so much hard work and dedication to be a part of this program. Not only does it helps improve your skills as a player but it builds your character day by day.

Not to mention our coaching staff is amazing. The Head Coach, Gillespie pushes you beyond your limits to help you reach your goal as an upcoming athlete. Assistant Head Coach Smith, always points out something in the program that needs to be improved to make the team better by day. The Junior Varsity Coach Thomas has been with the girls for about 2 years now and she’s awesome. By her being a female coach, a lot of the ladies find her easier to talk to as well. Finally, Coach Bowyer, the freshmen coach, is incredible he puts so much effort towards his team and his energy is always there. Overall the girls Basketball program is amazing and fun to be a part of.