Life of a Westside varsity softball player

Through all of the chaos and hardships, the Westside varsity softball team has just started their new season! Being a softball player during this time can be very hard and tiring by trying to manage school and the sport. Many softball players have started playing in different ways but they all seem to have one thing in common which is their love for softball. Being a varsity softball player is a whirlwind trying to manage school, trying to stay safe, and working hard to better themselves at softball. A varsity player has many responsibilities that can be overwhelming but as soon as they get on the field that stress seems to go away and they have fun.

A senior varsity softball player named Clarissa Zapata has been playing at Westside throughout her high school education and has played softball her whole life ever since she was a child. When asked how she handles being a senior while also being a varsity softball player she says, ” I think the best thing to do in the situation is by making a schedule. When I make a schedule I think about the time I need to do homework and study while also thinking about practices and games. It’s definitely hard at times to do both but I just need to focus and work hard and I can make both things successful. If a Westside student is thinking about joining a team, I think they should do it but they should be prepared for the good things but also the bad things.” These young women are determined to work hard while managing to do the sport they enjoy.

The varsity softball team practices regularly to be the best collective whole that they can be and demonstrate their hard work in front of scouts, parents, and students during games. Before the game, the players feel nervous but also excited to play. It’s a long process to get ready for a game and certainly a hard process according to Clarissa. She says, “Before I play a game, I like to get a good night’s sleep and also hydrate to increase my energy in order to win. I like to practice a little with my teammates but I can’t help feeling nervous right before the game. I think the best thing to do to prepare for a game is to remember to have fun and to be confident. If you think you’re not going to win, you’re not going to.”

School has changed, especially for the varsity softball team. Last year, the softball team barely had a season last year due to COVID however this year the softball team is finally showing their hard work after many months. Every team player has had a different experience and thoughts about the new season. Clarissa says, “I have been waiting for a game since March of last year. I have been so excited to see my teammates and going to practice. I hope this year is much better than last year since it’s my last year. I am so excited to win games and feel that excitement again!”

Being a varsity softball player is definitely not easy and it takes a lot of courage to walk up to the field and play. Clarissa Zapata is a successful softball player and doesn’t give up easily as other players on the varsity softball team do as well. Congratulate a varsity softball player today for all of the hard work they do to make our softball team successful!