What School Pay has to Say!


Vankey Burks, Writer,Editor, & Photographer

Parents! Do you know that Westside offers a great resourceful way to pay all school-related fees? Well, let me tell you all about it.  Throughout the school year, your child may need to pay an Art fee, a Basketball fee, a Band fee, a payment for dues, or any other extracurricular activities that Westside has to offer. If you’d like a fast, easy, and convenient way to get this done, School pay has exactly what you need.

Teachers really like the benefits of school pay and they love the extra weight off their shoulders. My Art teacher, Mrs. S, had this to say “I think it’s great, the money goes directly to the people who handles the finances so that I don’t have to take care of that. I’m not good at handling cash and money so I feel that it’s amazing that they can just go to that link and pay: it’s very convenient.” Now my coach is a bit old school, he handed our basketball team a paper with a link on it, What’s that link you may ask? School pay, of course, He explained that its a way for others to pay for your fees as well. Let’s say your grandmother or a family member lives out of town and wants to help out with your payments, great, no problem there pull up this link and get her started. It’s as simple as this…

First, you go to www.Schoolpay.com. Once your there, you’ll see a screen with many options, two of them: “create an account” and “find my account”. Many of you guys would want to click the first option. It’s a very easy process, just make sure you create a password you’ll remember. Once your set, you pay the fee, it’s as easy as can be.