How could HISD’s Covid guidelines improve after the second six weeks face to face learning


Ifraah Shegow, Writer

Right now, All of HISD is currently virtual for the first six weeks because of COVID-19 to ensure the safety of all parents, students and staff. HISD also issued out to all parents about the option for face to face or to stay virtual. Students who chose face to face will have to go back to campus following the Covid-19 guidelines HISD has put out for them. The guidelines were created with the help of staff, parents and teachers all around HISD. So how could they possibly change the guidelines to fit after experiencing the first round of face to face learning?

So I have asked some of my family members and neighbors who attended HISD and have children who go to HISD as well. My brother Omar who goes to Heights Highschool in HISD has given some feedback about the transportation hence HISD will only be serving to only Special ED and homeless students. “HISD should give all students bus transportation when there are lower levels of Covid-19, it would not be a smart idea to give them out disregarding the Covid-19 cases.“, Omar said.  I’ve also asked a question regarding what could they take into consideration after this first round of face to face learning to my neighbor Sam, (a father of a child who goes to HISD). “I would like for HISD to have better ways of letting children learning. I wouldn’t want my child to stay in one classroom for eight hours straight, the learning wouldn’t be efficient at all. Instead find a better alternative for students to pass to classes with social distancing rules!“, Sam stated.

As of right now for Westside Highschool students, 76% percent of students are virtual and 16% are returning, mostly freshman! So how could Westside improve on fixing that percentage? What changes can they make? I have asked current junior of Westside Highschool Dharma Lopez about it! “It is going to be really hard to bring up the percentage because students are always touching everything, but they could have better ways to house students in classes and limit students to going into hotspots like the commons!”, Dharma stated.

So as of right now, The virus still predictable because the virus is capable of rising or falling at anytime. HISD still have a window of opportunities of improvements, but lets see how the guidelines fit for now!