Back to school round two


S. Roberts

The Westside bus parking lot waits for the afternoon bell to ring.

HISD will be opening the school year for face to face instruction, for students on October 19th, and the big change for many students and parents is the transportation system. There will be no buses, and the ones that will be available  will be only for some students. 

If and when buses are an option again it won’t be the same. There will only be one person per window seat, mask will remain on, and kids will have to practice distancing while waiting to get picked up. Carla Pablo  is a Sophomore at Westside and when asked  how she felt about HISD’s recent decisions regarding transportation she said, “ I feel affected by it because it will most likely take longer for the buses to get  here because of the amount of people the bus can hold since we have to stay 6 feet apart therefore making it more difficult & inconvenient”.

HISD has yet to confirm  plans for the third six weeks but students and parents are hoping that things go well, and that more students will be able to go back to school safely. As we go to publish, there is no new information or updates regarding school bus availibility in the third six weeks.  HISD knows this is a big question for parents and students, and it is expected to remain so for the remainder of the semester. Parents hoping to be able to send their children back for face to face, who also rely on a school bus will be anxious to know the plans going forward.