The 3rd Six Weeks Are Coming! – Virtual or In-Person?


The selection for students to pick the choice of virtual learning or in-person learning has returned for the 6 weeks. Students have been informed by their deans on what to do to make their decision. Make sure to make your selections before the deadline, or you will have to wait another 6 weeks before changing.

Students have been instructed on what to do to make their decision.

If you wish to change your method of learning please do the following:

  • Have your parent/guardian log into their Parent Connect account (you cannot do this from the student account) and complete the selection form
  • Have your parent/guardian email me, including your WHS ID#, and I will forward it to the appropriate personnel
  • Have your parent/guardian call the school and speak with the front office.

If you do not wish to change your method of learning, then no action is required. 

This time, it will be a better decision by all students because now everyone should have some type of idea of what in-person school is like. Now, those students who wished to go to school last 6 weeks or wished to be back online can do so.

I spoke to students that attend Westside, and they gave me their opinion on the best choice.

What do you think students will choose between the choice of going back to school or going to virtual after experiencing the second six weeks?
“I think more people will switch to in-person learning because of how the experience is as of right now. If they have friends who have told them about what it’s like, I think there’s a better chance that people will either stay in-person or switch to it. Maybe with the spike of cases, families will keep their children at home.” (Ryan Sacks, Virtual Senior at Westside Highschool).

This is your time to decide whether or not your next 6 weeks will be online or in-person. The 6 weeks are ending soon since progress reports just came out. Make sure to meet the deadline, so you won’t be stuck with the wrong choice.