The pressures of Legacy


This depicts legacy as my dad went to rice and he wants his children to work hard and go there as well.

The pressures of legacy are very hard to manage as kids are stressing out over the idea that they should maintain a certain image of their family, as they continue to put stress on themselves to go to the same elite school and excel. The stress and pressure of legacies are very hard to manage as it puts stress on kids to be like the rest of their family, and if they don’t get into a specific elite school, they are seen as a disgrace to their family. Being included within an intelligent family makes you obligated to follow the legacy of going to a very prestigious school, and earning high grades. This makes kids very stressful, making them feel like they have low self-esteem.

Legacies are known to be stressed as kids. They continue to see others better than them which causes anxiety as a result of competition that exists within schools and students. Legacy is very hard on the students because they feel like they are pushed to be like their family in multiple academic ways. When in reality, they should try their best to pursue an academic achievement that they feel is right for them, and not based on family preferences. Legacy is such an important aspect of families and education,

For example, some westside students have a desire to go to some colleges that are even out of states such as in Oklahoma and Arkansas due to the fact that their relatives have gone there and excelled and succeeded. They continue to be pressured to work hard throughout high school and earn high grades in order to receive admission into these elite schools just because of their family past with attending these schools with great grades. This pressure can cause stress disorders and a lot of anxiety. Students may have to stay up very late at night studying and pushing their limits just to be like others in their family, when in reality that is not necessary.