Student life: How seniors feel about finals?


Life of a high schooler with final exams. Studying.

Finals are coming upon us this winter, and students are preparing for their final exams. Finals are most important for seniors because graduation is coming up and seniors are focusing on maintaining high rankings!

Finals are super stressful for all grades because its one exam for each class that takes up almost half of your whole semester grade. Finals are such a large thing to overcome, especially for seniors, due to senioritis (a crippling disease that strikes high school seniors and the only cure is graduation), and the desire to graduate and finish high school for life!

When interviewing senior classmates, senior Khady Mboup says “After December finals, its just countdown to graduation.” After finals, seniors will be counting down the months and days till graduation, as we are all thrilled to see such an amazing day coming closer to us, even though all the hardships of final exams. Another senior interviewed, Kimberly Tax, says “Finals is just another hurdle we have to jump over to get to graduation, we just gotta keep going, even though it’s stressful.”