Is the truth out there?


For thousands of years we’ve wondered if we are alone in the universe, and for hundreds of years we’ve made films and written books about what  extra-terrestrials would be like. Recently, a social media conspiracy theory may put our entire belief system to the test. Dramatic? Yes, most conspiracy theories are.  A recent twitter thread has  made it’s way around the cyber world with the speed of light, and added fuel to modern and age old mysteries, what happened to Malaysian Airlines MH370, do aliens exist, and will there be a doomsday?

The latest round of phenomenon began when Ty, a seemingly normal guy received a eerie sounding voicemail on March 13, 2018.  . It was in military code, and translated to, “Danger SOS, it is dire for you to evacuate be cautious they are not human SOS danger SOS”. The voicemail also gave coordinates at the end of the message that corresponded with the Malaysian Airlines flight 370.”

Not familiar with flight MH370?  The story goes, that MH370 took off from  the Kuala Lumpur International Airport on March 8, 2014 headed to Beijing Capital International Airport in China, a five hour flight.  All contacts with the aircraft and crew were normal. About two hours into the flight, KL Rader prepared to turn cockpit radio control over to Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam, where it would stay until the plane entered China air space.  This is the last contact:

Lumpur Radar:  “Malaysian three seven zero, contact Ho Chi Minh one two zero decimal nine.  Good night.”

Flight 370:  “Good night. Malaysian three seven zero.”

And with that, the final contact with MH370 was made.  The plane and all 239 persons on board, vanished.  The flight path is unknown.  Hundreds of hours were spent scaling the South China Sea and Indian Ocean, but no debri or signs of wreckage emerged.  After a year, small bits of the plane washed up on the southeastern coast of Africa.  But no reason for the plane’s disappearance has ever been explained. And the “black boxes” have never been found, their sonar pings never detected.

Ok then, back to Ty.  As mentioned, on March 13th, Ty received a voicemail to his personal phone, with a mysterious voice reciting military codes. Odd? For sure, what is even odder is the message in those translated codes.  “Danger, SOS, they are not human.”  Say what!!!!!!! Here listen for yourself:

Secureteam 10, published 3.16.18

If you translate the code in full, and you have questions or theories  about aliens, extra-terrestrials, or unexplained phenomenon, this video will freak you out!  The recording broke the internet. Shared all over the world, it has been discovered that Ty was not the only person called.  So, who made the call?  Is this a prank? An April Fool’s joke? Or is this from the extra-terrestrial creatures that hijacked MH370, and took all those people to another planet to study our kind.  Sound far-fetched?  How do you know it’s NOT true? Honestly, how do you really know?

Could this message have been MH370’s last call for help? And if so, what did they mean by “not human”? Were they trying to warn us? The only explanation seems to be something less…conventional.  After some digging this writer found out that thousands of reports of “UFO” sightings have been filed since 2010. A recent occurrence jumps out right away. As reported by CNN and MSNBC, two American commercial pilots reported seeing an “unidentified flying object” as they flew over the Arizona desert. Released by the FAA, and reported by CNN, this is transcript of conversation between the pilot and air traffic control in Albuquerque, NM.

Learjet pilot: “Was anybody, uh, above us that passed us like 30 seconds ago?”

Air traffic Controller: “Negative.”

Pilot:  “Okay, something did.”

ATC:  “A UFO!”

Pilot:  “Yeah (chuckles).”

The pilots, from two separate planes, and two separate airline companies, recorded the object with their phones. As we go to press, no explanation has been given, and images from the encounter have not been released by the US Department of Defense.  But come on, Arizona? Albuquerque?…Roswell?

Photo courtesy of CNN
United States Department of Defense image of a UFO. Taken off the coast of San Diego, 2004

While CNN, MSNBC, New York Times and Washington Post ran stories, Fox News published their version of events:  “Creepy military voicemail warning of impending Doomsday, sends internet into meltdown” Ok Fox, you do you. However their story reports the same version of events of the Ty voicemail, and add that part of the message predicts a doomsday on April 18, 2018.  APRIL 18, 2018! That is definitely next week.  No late work accepted, kids, meet those deadlines.

Could it be possible that we are not alone in the universe? How do we explain these mysteries.  And while some is not even remotely plausible, you have to think…what did happen to MH370?  What did those pilots see?  And what is that voicemail that was sent to Ty?  Cue the Twilight Zone intro.

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What do you think?  Have you ever encountered a UFO?  Do you believe life exists elsewhere?  What do you think happened to MH370?  Send us a comment, and we will publish it with this story.  And if you let us know who your English teacher is, we will let him/her know you contributed to the Howler News.  Thank you!