Westside Varsity Tennis Team


Varsity team after getting third at districts

The varsity tennis team here at Westside is comprised of two coaches and 18 players. The team has a fall and spring season, one being team and the other being individual. The fall season is team meaning every time someone wins their match they score a point for their team and whichever team wins the most points wins the tournament. At districts, this past season Westside got third place against Bellaire and Lamar.

This season at their first tournament had their girls line one singles, Elisa Rodriguez scored first place and then boys line one (Jordan Jovtchev) and line two (Mario Urdaneta) scored second place in their matches. The team will continue their spring season until spring districts which date has yet to have been announced but will be sometime in April. Each tournament is a new experience because of the long ride to wherever it ends up being and then the new opponent they are challenged with.

Practice for the team starts at about 7 am every school day starting with conditioning and then moving out onto the courts for the rest of practice. Inside practice usually relies on strength training in the weight room or sprints in the gym. Every practice focuses on a different aspect of the game of tennis. Some days the team will work on drills for doubles and other days they will work on consistency. Each day is something different, but you can always see the team at Friday practice playing a fun tennis game together.