A Different Side to Literacy


People all around the world consume information through technology. Digital literacy is the capability of an individual to live, learn, and work in a digital society. Many people have resorted to using technology in replacement of former, traditional ways. The act of expressing oneself, collaborating, and creating is shown through certain abilities when using technology. There are 3 ways that digital literacy can be interpreted: 1. Finding the information or material; 2. creating material; 3. presenting or sharing the material.

Many years ago, the main source of creativity and information that was received was all on paper, like newspapers, journals, and notebooks. Although people still use this method every day, the increase of technology and internet usage has transformed the way people create. There are many digital formats that people utilize like blogs, emails, and even tweets. This also includes forms of media like podcasts and videos. When finding information digitally or on print it is ultimately the same, however, when using technology to utilize the information, it takes more ability to understand how to use the device. E-books like kindles or book applications through iPad’s take more knowledge to work them, but at the end of the day, you’re receiving the same information just through a screen.

Jailinne Rodriguez, Junior, gives her opinion on the benefits of technology for school: “I love the fact that our school provides us with laptops, because it gives us an opportunity to use fast, and easy technology for our school work. It definitely helps us get our homework done faster too, which I know a lot of the students appreciate.”Digital literacy is an efficient way to produce revolutionary ideas or to share those creations. The benefits to using technology for school, work, or personal use is endless.