Is Dance and Cheer a Sport?


Many people have different views on weather or not cheer and dance is considered to be a sport. According to the Merriam Webster dictionary a sport is anything that requires you to engage in any activities involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.

There are many controversial questions that debate weather or not cheer can be considered a sport. Cheerleaders are athletes and train just like any other athlete would. Cheer leading should be considered a sport because it involves physical work, competition between other teams, and it is governed by rules. All applying to “normal” sports, everything is the same. To cheer leading, there is competitive and school. Competitive cheer actually takes time and effort into work and practice to get the routine down, and get no deductibles. Ms. Maddie Garcia, the Westside cheer leading coach explains, “Cheer leading being a sport is decided whether or not it’s school or competitive. If it is school, no cheer leading shouldn’t be a sport. If it’s more spirit leading and crowd involvement. Either way, there’s no doubt weather you’re an athlete or not.

Dance should be considered a sport because it has many of the same components as any other sport. In order to dance well or be successful you be strong, hardworking, flexible, and have endurance. Just like in any other sport you must be dedicated and have a good mind set because they is always room for improvement fro any athlete. Dance is not only physically demanding but also mentally exhausting. As a dancer there is always the pressure to perform, but there is also the pressure of remembering the dance steps and making sure you are on the right counts and movement. In order to improve or gain new new skills a dancer must practice and constantly on their technique. if you haven’t noticed dance have to deal with some of the same characteristic as any other athlete. Dancers work just has hard as any other athlete, but dancer produce art that can have an affect on people watching them. “If a dancer and a football player were to train and put in the same amount if work, the football player would still be look at as a better athlete. Dance being looked at as a sport will always be under appreciate because to is not viewed as interesting in the public eye.” says Ms. Amberly Altamerino.

Cheer and dance are both very popular sport among girls. In some people eyes cheerleaders and dancers will never been seen as athletes, but never doubt that the two are not sports. In order to be good at something it still take hard work and dedication to be good