Changes to the Westside Wear


School’s finally back, which means back to wearing uniforms, but this year there are new additions to the Westside Wear! Last year, the uniform didn’t have that many options to choose from, but this now the Westside administration has added another color plus 2 new jackets to bundle up for this upcoming winter. The original Westside Wear used to have merely black and blue shirts, but this year they added white short sleeves and long sleeves to the uniform.

One of the extensions to the uniform in response to Hurricane Harvey is a new shirt which says “Stand Bayou City”. “The purpose of creating the Hurricane Harvey t-shirt was to help raise money for people who were affected by the storm.  The money also helped purchase uniform shirts and jackets for students who were affected.”, says Dean Byrd-Williams. Although the campaign for these shirts has ended, teachers and students who have bought the T-shirt will be representing Westside and Houston pride as they’re able to wear them

Naomi Guyton
Kiara Guyton and her friends, Jenna Sheshtawy, Valeria Moreno, and Brittni Hall show off the new white Westside shirts to start off school

on Fridays.

Hurricane Harvey had a tremendous impact on the students of the Houston Independent School District.  Early on, the District made the decision to eliminate uniform requirements for all students until January.  Here at Westside, students were still encouraged to be in Wolf Wear tops, while relaxing the no jeans policy until mid term.

Many students are still recovering from the hurricane so this change to the uniform policy is a way to help reduce the stress for all students.  Allowing jeans, overall being less restrictive was met with approval from students. “I’m glad that Westside is being lenient about the dress code, because this gives students an opportunity to get back on their feet after the horrible hurricane in late August”, says Hayley Morgan a Senior.

The school uniform hasn’t changed much, but students are happy to hear the new additions and relaxed dress code. Westside is looking forward to another successful year with uniforms and many more to come.