Sources of comfort


A sensation that seems to transport us to an entirely new dimension away from the despair

Such as the melodies, harmonies, and voices of music

That can take some to a world without chaos or fear in sight

A world of twirling colors and serenity


A sensation that seems to center yourself in the midst of the moment

Such as one stroke of a yellow-coated bristle onto a blank canvas

That activates the creative mind and to understand what is happening directly

A window that reminds us of the bigger picture


A sensation of warmth that seems to revive the soul

Such as the bursts of fondly flavors that swirl in your mouth

Relishing this familiar experience that goes beyond ourselves

Like a mellow hug from a loved-one


A sensation of relief where you can escape turmoil

Such as your furry-friends that are there during your lows

Full of joy, curiosity, and affection

Like a therapeutic blanket


A sensation similar to a breath of fresh air

Such as the lush aspects of nature that appeals to eye

The buzzing, swaying of the crashing waves, or even the walloping of trees amongst each other by the wind

A place or rather journey of solace