Impact on a Wolf Family —- Harvey


Hurricane Harvey ripped through southeast Texas breaking rain gauge records with 70+ inches of rain. Many families did not expect this much damage or catastrophe. As the days went on three full days of rainfall added up and many places all across Houston were under water. Even the places that did not normally flood in Houston, were either surrounded by water or under water. Harvey’s landfall cause many students and families to be displaced from their homes and to loose all of there belonging. Many families are still recovering from the storming and rebuilding their homes and lives.

Photo Credits: Ryleigh Garriga This is a picture of Ryleigh’s home during the flood.

On the Westside of Houston many families were affected by the Backer and Attucks Reservoir. On August 28 in order to save  the construction of the dams the U. S Army Corps of Engineers decided to release water in the attempt to manage flood waters. Well that was very unfortunate thing for Westside cheerleaders Rachel Wright and Ryleigh Garriga. Both of the two are still displaced from there homes.

According to Rachel her house had about 4 feet of water and they knew right away when it was time to leave there home because they could see the water rising from her backyard. Rachel says, “Right when they started to release water my backyard flooded in a matter of 45 minutes.” Currently Rachel and her family live in an apartment that is not to far from Westside. Rachel says, “Life is different now we aren’t really sure what the next step is for our house.”  Since school has started Ryleigh and her family are currently living with her aunt, who live in Katy while their home is being renovated.  “My house had about 6 and a half feet of water in it. When ended up leaving when the water was at our ankles.” Both Ryleigh and Rachel are doing great with the support of friends and family. “I’m so grateful for my friends and the Westside cheer team for make sure my and my family are okay.” Rachel says.

Hurricane Harvey has left its mark here in Houston. Many people will never forget the rain, flood waters and the 2 weeks of school delay of school. As Houston rises up from this set back we will rebuild even stronger. #houstonstrong.