The curious cat of Westside High

Season’s greetings Westside. We hope you enjoy our annual holiday themed Photo Galleries, this year presented by our Journalism students. You can find them in the Photo Gallery tab. Happy Holidays Wolves!

The curious cat wonders in the hall trying to find all the jolly Christmas vibes. He visits Santa in N1, then makes his way to the courtyard, still searching for his holiday vibes.

He travels up the stairs, then down the stairs. The curious cat looks everywhere.

He needs his holiday spirit. And as he travels the halls of Westside, meeting new friends along the way, he realizes that the Christmas spirit of adventure and joy was inside him along.

Hello, my name is Kristiani Cerda, I’m in the 10th grade, and I’m a student at Westside High school. My favorite thing to do is cuddle with my dog, Bella. On the weekends, I enjoy taking long naps, and reading books. I aspire to be a nurse, with a little bit of photographer experience. I prefer butterflies over anything.